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Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel like family. My kids love to come for the periodical exams too and always leave with a smile. Dr. Ioana Theodora is really great! I would highly recommend to anyone!!!


Valentina Nastase

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Montreal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Affected wisdom teeth can be extremely painful and can result in other problems including infection or misalignment.

To support long-term dental health, our clinics in Montreal provide sophisticated wisdom teeth extractions that are painless.

Do You Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Third-set molars, or wisdom teeth, are the final set of adult teeth to develop. For a healthy mouth to operate, wisdom teeth are not required. A wisdom tooth frequently causes no symptoms for years on end before starting to bother you abruptly.

Third molars can cause a variety of oral health problems since they might emerge at an angle or get caught in the jawbone entirely or partially.

Wisdom teeth removal

What Our Dentists Look For To Decide Whether You Need Wisdom Teeth Removed

During your normal examination, one of our dentists can get a glimpse of a newly erupted tooth or teeth. If that is the case, we will probably discuss scheduling a wisdom teeth removal visit with you.

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    Exams: during your normal examination, one of our dentists can get a glimpse of a newly erupted tooth or teeth. If that is the case, we will probably discuss scheduling a wisdom teeth removal visit with you.

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    X-ray: If your teeth have not yet broken through the gums, our Montreal dentists might use X-rays to look at your jaw.

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    Age: patients typically become aware of the eruption of their wisdom teeth in their late teens to early twenties. If you fall within that age range, you might wish to talk to your dentist about your options for dental care.

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    Sysmptoms: your teeth may already be signalling that they need to be pulled, whether it be through sinus problems or irritated gums. It’s probably time to arrange your wisdom teeth treatment if you or your dentist observe any of these dental symptoms.

Expectations During Rehabilitation


You’ll receive a thorough set of post-operative instructions from our experts. These recommendations must be strictly adhered to in order to guarantee a safe, effective recovery:


After surgery, it’s typical to feel some pain and discomfort. With the use of ibuprofen, naproxen, or other over-the-counter painkillers, wisdom teeth pain can be controlled.


Clots of blood
The surgical location will experience blood clotting. Use of a straw or mouth sucking should be avoided since they may cause the blood clot to become loose and result in the uncomfortable condition known as dry socket.


Patients might use a cold compress to the jaw region to lessen swelling and irritation. For the first 24 hours following surgery, do this in 20-minute intervals.


It’s crucial to stay away from intense exercise for the first couple of days while you’re recovering. Post-operative bleeding and edoema are more likely to occur when the heart rate is elevated.


Patients should consume soft foods like yoghurt, pudding, applesauce, spaghetti, eggs, or smoothies as part of their diet. You can add more solid foods at your option after a few days.


Centre Dentaire Blanc Advantage:

Our dentists that perform this procedure are highly trained and use the latest techniques to ensure a safe tooth removal in comfort. Our in house 3d X-ray allows the dentist to evaluate if the roots of the tooth are certificat to a vital organ such as a nerve or sinus.


One of the latest techniques is a partial extraction where a small part of the root is left intentionally in the bone if is close to a vital structure.


Studies show this technique to be very successful on the long term and extremely safe.