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General dentistry primary purpose is to provide comprehensive oral health care for patients of all ages.


Valentina Nastase

General Dentist in Montreal

General Dentistry

It is essential to maintain your oral health by establishing a daily routine of brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist. General dentistry encompasses the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a variety of dental issues, while also promoting overall oral health.

Our dentists offer comprehensive care that can accommodate all of your dental needs.

What Are The Differences Between Cosmetic And General Dentistry?

Your teeth, gums, and jaw’s overall health are monitored and managed by general dentistry. Defects like decay and gum disease are dealt with by general dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the overall aesthetics of your smile and teeth. Cosmetic procedures might cover a damaged tooth with composite resin bonding or whiten discoloured teeth. General dentistry has overlapping objectives. For instance, a porcelain crown can save a tooth with severe deterioration while also improving its aesthetics.

We employ aesthetic dentistry to enhance the form, whiteness, alignment, and overall look of the patients’ teeth. Do you know what gets better at the same time as those problems? Your assurance in your lovely, alluring grin.


The Procedure Of General Dentistry