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Night Guards

Night Guards

A night guard is a type of mouthguard utilized to treat bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding and clenching. This habit often manifests during the early stages of sleep, resulting in both sleep disruption and excessive wear on the teeth.


Bruxism can also occur during waking hours, though it is usually easier to control and stop.


Who would benefit from using a night guard?

If you are someone who grinds or clenches their teeth, particularly at night, you may have bruxism. A nightguard is an effective way to protect your teeth from the longterm damage that can be caused by this habit.


If you would like to learn more about nightguards and how they can help you, please contact us for a consultation and quote.


You should be aware of the factors to take into account when selecting the finest solution for you because there are several types of night guards on the market.


Considerations including the intensity of your symptoms, the materials used to make the night guard, and others should be taken into account. The best course of action is to speak with your dentist to determine which choice is best for you.


Types of night guards include:


Boil-and-bite night guards are an inexpensive option that can be purchased over-the-counter and molded to the shape of the mouth by boiling the guard in water and then biting down on it in order to create a custom fit.

Custom-made night guards are created through a dentist and have a more precise fit, but they are typically more expensive than the boil-and-bite option.

Ready-made night guards are pre-formed and can be purchased over-the-counter, but they also tend to be less comfortable than the boil-and-bite and custom-made night guards.


There are three custommade night guard options available.

Soft: Soft night guards are made from flexible plastic and are better suited for those who have a tendency to grind their teeth. These night guards are more comfortable than their hard counterparts, but could have a shorter lifespan due to the urge to bite down on the soft texture.

Hard: Hard night guards are made from acrylic or tougher plastic and are recommended for those who grind or clench their teeth harder than usual. These night guards provide a more durable solution, but may need to be redone if the fit loosens or if the patient undergoes a procedure that might alter their dental structure.

Dual laminated: Dual laminated night guards are a combination of soft plastic on the inside and hard acrylic on the outside. This combination provides both comfortability and durability for the patient.

Thermoplastic: Thermoplastic night guards are self-adjusting and can be molded to fit the shape of the wearer’s teeth. They are made of non-allergenic material and are free of MMA, making them more comfortable than other night guards.