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 Advanced training program

This private two year program, supervised by Dr Gabriel Iogovan, Dr Dan Munteanu and Dr Alain Gagnon has for goal to assist you to become a master clinician in a structured way.

With combined 60 years experience in dentistry they will guide your professional growth with in person classes, guided continuous education, at home learning and chaperone your clinical cases to push you to excellence.

1st year - Mastering the basics 

  • Quick and efficient use of rubber dam and intraoral cameras for documentation and communication

  • Treatment planning and treatment presentation

  • Ceramic onlays/inlays optimal design

  • Digital impressions Cerec/3Shape

  • Endodontics using microscope cbct and guides

  • Basic occlusion concepts

  • Simple implant placement and guide creation with Implant Studio

  • Gum recession treatments

  • Wisdom teeth extraction

  • Resective or regenerative phase 2 periodontal treatments.

  • Introduction to Microsurgery

2nd year:

  • Supervised esthetic rehabilitation cases using smile design

  •   complex implant placements guided, angled, and free hand

  • GBR and Sinus lift (direct and indirect)  

  • Advanced occlusion 

  • Advanced Recession gum grafting 

Note: This select program is full time and is addressed to very dedicated clinicians that want to become masters in their field who are ready to put the time and effort into achieving excellence.

Requisites: A standing license to practice dentistry in Quebec and minimum 1 year general residency in a North American university.

1 full time  position is available leading to permanent employment

Please send your CV and a letter telling us about yourself and your passion for dentisty at 

You will only be contacted if selected for an interview.

Student in the reading room
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