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Gum Grafts for Dental Recession

Gum recession could be the cause of dental sensitivity, higher risk of decay or root erosion and ultimately tooth loss. Gum recession can also cause esthetic issues.

Gingival recession due to dental calculus..jpg

Classic Graft with gum from your own palate

This microsurgery, done under magnification, allows for a piece of gum to be removed from the palate and be placed in the area of recession most often. The tissue taken from the palate will regrow back and the area with recession will now be covered. This classic procedure has great success and is still the most used worldwide.  


Modern technique using an allograft

This technique allows for recession to be covered using an allograft (donor tissue) not requiring a palate incision. The main advantages are overall more comfort post operatory in terms of bleeding and swelling because there is no donor site.  Other than patient comfort and satisfaction it allows for multiple recessions to be treated at once because the clinician is not restricted by the amount of tissue present in the donor site.   See more information about Allograft here : AlloDerm RTM - BioHorizons


Pin Hole technique - Collagen graft

This technique has been marketed to be an incision free graft free technique to cover roots.  The technique is very similar to the Modern allograft however uses collagen as graft material.  Unfortunately because long term studies lack on the longevity of collagen grafts, we do not offer this technique.

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