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Prevention  Dentistry

Our approach is a minimally invasive behavioral modification to minimize damage done by common culprits (e.g., dental caries, gum disease, and tooth clenching/bruxism). 

No drill preventive Dentistry

When it comes to early damage to teeth, when caught early, a number of non-invasive treatments can be used such as: 

Sealants and interproximal sealants ( ICON treatment ) that seal the cavity and doesn't allow the bacteria to progress.  Lean more about Icon treatment here.

Fluoride applications that demineralize and strengthen initially damaged tooth. Learn more about how fluoride works in this blog post.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (mostly for kids)  can stop the decaying process with no drill or needle. 


Behavioral modification

Dental Caries and Gum disease which are the main culprits of dental problems can be entirely prevented with the right behavior. Our dental hygienists have extensive training in listening, identifying the behavioral cause of disease and suggesting behavior modification techniques.   


Detecting gum disease at an early stage

Gum disease affect almost half the population after 30y old at different degrees.  It is the number one cause of tooth loss after 35 years of age. If caught early it can be entirely prevented using a simple prevention regimen. If undetected and untreated gum disease gets much harder to treat later in life often requiring surgery and tooth extraction. Gum disease has also been shown to be linked to many systemic problems such as heart disease and diabetes.


Detecting bruxism at an early stage

Bruxism is believed to be of a neuromuscular cause and more and more often seen in the population. It is abnormal movements usually durign the night that cause extreme tooth wear and can result in worn down or broken teeth later in life. Our clinicians are trained to detect the early damage of bruxism and can use advanced technology such as 3shape Monitoring software to compare damage done to teeth.


Root Canals are done at the highest standard of care under the operating microscope CBCT and 3d printed guides.


Reconstruction of damaged teeth using the latest modern techniques which avoid having to kill the nerve and avoid root canals.

Pediatric Dentistry

A gente approach to kid dentistry by gentle dentists who love kids


Comrehensive gum disease treatment in a structured approach including behavioural modification and minimally invasive treatments

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Let's Work Together

Your oral health requires us to work together. And together we can prevent disease from damaging your smile.

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