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Esthetic repair of chipped or broken front tooth

Teeth sometimes break due to a an accident, decay or occlusion problem (how your teeth close together)

Male broken teeth damaged cracked front tooth need dentist to fix and repair..jpg

Our expertise is in esthetic reconstruction of your tooth.

If the broken part is small, our dentists have advanced training to use highly esthetic composite with multiple layers in order to recreate a functionnal and esthetic tooth. They are also trained in using stains to further enhance the natural appearence of your tooth.

If the broken part is substantial and requires a crown or veneer, our dentists are trained to use in house porcelain to caracterize and finish your tooth so it blends perfectly with the others.  We have developped this expertise with the years because we have noticed even the best laboratories can't consistently make a tooth that perfectly matches the rest, and that mostly because they use references such as photos which are not entirely accurate. By training our dentists to finish the last step of the process, we have seen incredible and consistent results.

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