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Black front tooth solution

It is possible you notice one of your front teeth chaning color, becoming more gray or different than the other ones. What causes this and how can it be treated? 

A young girl has hypoplasia in her front teeth.jpg

What Causes the black front tooth?

Most of the time a tooth changes color when the nerve inside dies. That process, called necrosis, could be due to dental caries or more often a trauma to that tooth. We often see teeth turning dark years after the patients had an accident. 

How is this usually treated?

First we need to make sure the root is cleaned and protected so there is no infection that can develop. Then, we proceed with an internal whitening step. This step involves a special whitening gel that is left for a while inside your tooth to whiten the tooth. If needed, the tooth is covered or reinforced with a crown or veneer.


Making a veneer or crown on a front tooth that mimicks perfectly is not an easy task and it is known to be one of the most challenging situations. 

At Blanc, we are equipped with special equipment that allows the dentist to change the shade and caracterize your tooth directly in your mouth vs the traditional way where it is done by a technician at the laboratory. This allows for more predictable results and less appointments.

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