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Professional Tooth whitening
- Deep whitening with KoR

At Blanc we obviously take our whitening seriously this is why we offer the best when it comes time to do a whitening treatment. 

How does whitening work?

Whitening works when peroxyde (what bealches hair) stays in contact with the tooth. Peroxide breaks down the big yellow molecules in teeth giving teeth back their white appearance.   It is a safe procedure however it takes time and multiple applications. 

Peroxide comes in different concentrations

 Very high - In office for 1 hour applications under dental surveillance

medium - at home one hour application

low - overnight.   Recommended!


Our whitening strategy is a mix of different concentrations and times tailored to your needs.

Temporary Sensitivity is sometimes encountered during whitening. Our whitening system helps prevent and treat whitening if it happens.


What are the advantaged of Kor deep whitening?

We know that efficient whitening happens when a low concentration is kept for a long period of time (overnight).  Trays are ususally designed to keep the material all night long. However most trays do not intimally fit teeth restulting in saliva contaminating the whitening solution and making it inefficient.

Kor creates premium whitening trays that fit perfectly on your teeth resutling in long efficient whitening sessions

Furthermore, Kor creates and delivers to our office fresh peroxide making sure your product is as good as it can be.


What are the shortcomings of Kor Deep whitening?

Kor deep whitening is used to get many shades whiter teeth. If you are looking for slightly whiter teeth, we recommend over the counter products like white strips that could achieve your goals.

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