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Dental Veneers  in one appointment


A beautiful smile is now possible in one 90 min appointment. Using the latest technology of intra oral scanning and 3d printers full mouth veneers can be created and placed in one appointment.

How does it work?

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Like all our smile makeovers, treatment begins with professional photos. 

Once completed, a digital smile is created that meets your demands.

With the final result in sight, esthetic and long lasting veneers are designed and created.

At your appointment, the venneers are perfectly aligned and placed using a custom 3d printed guide.  If a minor tooth reduction is required, your dentist will advise you before hand and a 3d printed guide will be used so the reduction is kept minimial and accurate. 

What are the advantages of one appointment veneers over traditional veneeers?

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The main advantages of this procedure are 

  • Quick  with high patient satisfaction A full mouth makeover, requires many lengthy appointments to achieve amazing results. This modern solution is a shortcut to a beautiful smile that lasts as long but cuts the time you need to be on the dental chair by a fifth. Overall less to no anesthesia, no temporaries and a predictable outcome make this a patient favorite.​

  • Minimal or no tooth reduction.  When possible, we want to keep as much as possible of your natural tooth. Not only your tooth will remain strong, less sensitive, but the veneers will last longer because they generally better adhere to the outer layer of the tooth called the enamel.

  • Cost effective esthetic solution.  How much do veneers cost?  These modern one appointment veneers are generally half the price of traditional veneers due to the efficiency brought by technology.

What are the shortcomings of this system?

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The main shortcoming of one appointment veneers is that not everyone is a candidate due to either the position, color or placement of their teeth.  

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