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Aesthetic Dentistry

Premium full mouth reconstructrion 

We design and create a smile that makes you happy and confident.

Portrait photography

Studio Photography

Your journey begins with professional photography taken in our studio.

Simulation haut et bas_edited_edited_edited.png

Computer smile simulation

Your new smile is created. You will be able do discuss with the dentist on what you like or dislike before treatment begins.

Dental, Smile design, White teeth.jpg

Esthetic try in

The new smile is then tried on before treatment even begins.

Before and after shot of smile makeover by dental ceramic veneer, porcelain laminated vene

One appointement veneers

High quality porcelain laminates or veneers that are done in one appointment are now possible using 3d printing technology.

  • Done in 90 minutes

  • None to minimal tooth reduction

  • None to minimal use of anesthesia

  • No temporaries

  • Affordable veneers  (compared to traditional)

  • Long lasting

Deep Whitening with KoR System

We use the most advanced whitening system that gets results.

Learn more about what it takes to whiten teeth and what distinguishes this system from others. 

Kor Whitening

ICON - Removal of white patches on teeth

Using resin infiltration technology we can greatly reduce visible white spots on teeth without the drill. Learn How ICON resin infiltration works here.

Recessed gum correction

Learn about how unesthetic recessions can be treated with a mild non invasive gum surgery.   

Gingival recession due to dental calculus..jpg
A young girl has hypoplasia in her front teeth.jpg

Front dark tooth correction

Learn what darkens one tooth and what are the solutions to get that black front tooth looking normal again.

Black Line Removal around old crowns

What causes black lines around a crown and what is the best way to treat it... 

Male broken teeth damaged cracked front tooth need dentist to fix and repair..jpg

Esthetic repair of chipped or broken tooth

Learn how we repair chips using advanced composite material and special stains to give function and ethetics back to your teeth.

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