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Dentist Chair

Technology that empowers  clinicians

The latest technology in dentistry allows for predictable, safer and higher quality treatments. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Operating microscope

They say in our field you can't treat what you don't see.  All our clinicians wear magnifying loupes in their day to day dentistry that magnify 3-5 times their work. Operating microscopes take things further and when needed, our clinicians can magnify up to 20x to figure out what's wrong and treat it.

Intra oral scanners

These advanced oral cameras capture a precise 3d model of your teeth in color. They replace the impression material that sometimes gave patients gag reflex.


Minimally invasive surgery planification software

This software allows the clinician to place a dental implant virtually in the idea position. Once done, a 3d printed custom device allows for a non invasive surgery. For the patient this translates to a simpler procedure, faster recovery times with less complications.

3D printers

3d printers are used in dentistry to transfer the exact position the clinician planned to put the implant in the patient's mouth without using a scalpel, sutures or exposing the bone. They allow minimally invasive implant placement directly through the gum.


No radiation caries detector using light

Using a technology called transillumination we can visualize and document dental decay with no pain or radiation. This allows us to see how decay progresses and if a filling is needed or the decay can be treated in an alternative way with no drilling. Can you spot the decay in the picture? (hint: it's dark and in the enamel which is the shield surrounding the tooth)

Professional photography studio and Smile Design Software

Digital smile simulation software allows for the visualization of your future smile before treatment begins. It is an excellent communication tool that allows us to understand your needs and deliver a smile you will love.

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Straumann implants

When it comes to implants, we believe in using the best for our patients.  Contrary to other implants, these high quality  swiss implants integrate faster allowing you to get your teeth in as little as 1-2 months compared to 4-6 months. They also come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Cone Beam CT SCAN

Also known as a CBCT, this device allows us to see hidden canals during root canals, verify where nerves pass before extractions or plan for safe implant placement.

Image by Quang Tri NGUYEN

Miyo esthetic system

For high esthetic cases, porcelain finishing can be done on site. This allows our dentists to be more predictable in their delivery and less trial appointemnts.

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