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How Dentists are Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Care

Dentists have been using artificial intelligence for some time now to help with patient care. There are many ways that AI can be used in dentistry, and it is constantly evolving. In this blog post, we will discuss how AI is currently being used by dentists and what the future of AI in dentistry looks like.

In our dental practice, Ai helps us to:

1) Recognize vital anatomical structures on Xrays and 3d scans. This is important because it helps us to avoid potential complications and improve patient outcomes. DTX Studio, which is the most advanced digital x-ray software allows us not only to annotate Xray but uses machine learning to identify teeth to annotate Xrays making searching and documenting easier for the clinician.

2) Helps the design of dental crowns, bridges, and crowns on implants. This is done by using special software that takes into account the patient's specific anatomy. The software then designs the restoration virtually before it is ever milled or fabricated. This helps to ensure that the final product fits perfectly and looks great!

3) Automatically trims digital models when we use intra-oral scanners. These scanners create precise 3d models of the patient's mouth but more often than not scan gum which is not desirable for crown production. This software uses special ai software that detects in real time scanned gum and removes it reducing the clinician's time to clean up the 3d model.

Dr Dan Munteanu believes ai will play an even bigger role in the future and will help with the diagnosis of different dental disease. He believes once a modern patient management system is integrated with Xray software this will create a big enough dataset for accurate prediction of dental disease. This will in turn bring more accurate diagnosis and better treatment outcomes.

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