Teeth replacement with dental implants

Dental implants are  long lasting teeth replacement options that feel and look like natural teeth. We offer the most advanced implants using the latest non invasive techniques.

We begin with a Simulation

Treatments begin with a photography session in our studio. During this appointment professional pictures will be taken as well as a 3D dental scan.  This will allow us to create a realistic simulation of your end treatment and customize your new smile to your liking before treatment begins.

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We use the least invasive placement technique


Advantages of fully guided implant placement

   Quick procedure under 15 min
Precise positioning of implant
   Increased safety
  Faster healing with no sutures
   Reduces bone grafting needs
   Higher implant survival compared to traditional  

Fully Guided Implant surgery is a minimally invasive and precise procedure where the implant is placed directly  without the need for long incisions & sutures.  Guided implant placements are quick, painless and patients usually have none to minimal discomfort the day after placement. Another advantage is that placement is precise and predictable each time eliminating possible surgical error. Recent studies showed implants placed with a guided procedure have a higher survival rate than traditional free hand placement.


For the more technically inclined: Guided surgeries are accomplished by having a precise 3D scan of your bone and a precise 3D scan of your teeth. After both models are stitched together, a tooth and an implant are placed on a digital replica of your body. Afterwards, a 3d printed guide is used to recreate the exact digital placement in the mouth directly through the gum or hole of the extraction.

We place the most
advanced dental implants


Shorter implant integration

1 month vs 4-6 months

Teeth the same day

Leave the office with a smile

Highest quality implants 

Swiss implants with a lifetime warranty

Online Meeting

Try our online Free Pre-Consultation. This tool allows you to meet your dentist virtually, get different options available and an idea of treatment costs and general insurance benefits. Please send extra X-rays or relevant documents to info@blancdentaire.ca. Our dentists will examine your case and respond with a personalized video or send you a video teleconference request.

 Please note this tool does not replace an official consultation and no diagnosis, treatment plan or prognosis will be established.