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AIRFLOW Professional Dental Cleaning

The best dental cleaning involves removing plaque and tartar gently, comfortably and without damaging tooth structure.

To accomplish this, at Centre Dentaire Blanc we use the latest technique, Air Flow. This technique replaces traditional instruments with a jet of air, water and a powder based on baking soda, glycol or erythritol.

This technique, which revolutionizes the way dental hygiene is performed, is part of a new hygiene protocol called Guided Biofilm Therapy.

This seeks to shift the emphasis from regular dental cleaning to plaque control (active bacteria), education, diagnosis and, finally, tartar removal (calcified bacteria). Secondly, it introduces a simple, effective and safe method of removing plaque using a water jet and a special powder.

According to Dr. Dan Munteanu, the battle has always been with plaque, an organized colony of bacteria that causes gum disease, cavities and other health problems. Although tartar plays a role in pathophysiology, plaque is the #1 enemy.

Advantages of AIRFLOW professional dental cleaning

  • Removes plaque effectively and painlessly
  • Best technique for removing stains from teeth
  • Can clean deep into the gums for excellent cleaning results
  • Maintains gingival health in patients with controlled periodontitis
  • Less abrasive than metal instruments
  • More pleasant than metal instruments
  • Can clean dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges and orthodontic braces
  • Pleasant mint taste
  • Safe for restorations and veneers

Contraindications of professional AIRFLOW cleaning

  • Patients with chronic bronchitis or asthma
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding
  • Endocarditis

Treatment steps

  1. An examination is carried out
  2. Plaque (bacterial) is revealed by a purple plaque indicator
  3. Home hygiene is reviewed
  4. An air-jet instrument is used to clean away plaque
  5. A regular ultrasonic instrument can be used to remove remaining tartar
  6. Work is evaluated

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